Focus Groups

Graham & Associates has the best focus group facilities in the Southeast. Period. In fact, we believe our focus group rooms, hostesses and recruiting are among the best in the country.


Our rooms are spacious and can accommodate up to 35-40 participants. Behind one-way mirrors, tiered observation platforms with theatre-like seating are available for up to 20 clients. We provide large, comfortable lounges so that clients have plenty of room to work, to meet with associates or clients, or to relax between groups. Each of our client lounges is equipped with Internet access. But our excellent focus group facilities are just the beginning.


When you select Graham & Associates to plan a focus group, you can be sure we are very serious about recruitment. We carefully use the client's criteria to identify focus group participants. Then we follow up with a letter that confirms their participation and call participants the day before as a final reminder. That kind of attention to detail delivers just the right mix of participants that the client is looking for and ensures an excellent show rate.

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