Graham and Associates Birmingham facility offers state of the art technology on premise including high speed wireless internet access, audio/video equipment, plus DVD recording of all groups is also available. Additionally we offer video transmission, analysis and archive through FocusVision™.

FocusVision VideoStreaming™ delivers live video transmission of focus groups viewable from wherever you and your colleagues have an internet connection. FocusVision offers the highest quality audio and video streaming experience in the industry.

FocusVision VideoStreaming™ Plus adds a moving camera and an on-site camera operator to the FocusVision VideoStreaming™ solution to secure the important close-ups and full group views.

Both solutions offer the following features:


  • Dedicated systems for better audio and video quality
  • A redundant network for greater reliability
  • Live 24/7 global technical support
  • A standard one-year functionality for remote viewers to communicate with each other and the moderator while watching the research
  • Dual password security and a blurring feature for privacy protection

FocusVision lets you view your qualitative research - from your office, home, or wherever you have online access. We deliver a virtual backroom experience. With our quality audio and video, it will seem just like you are sitting in the backroom.

  • Save time and costs by eliminating travel so you can stay in the office to be more productive - and conserve budget.
  • Access your qualitative research, live or on demand.
  • Involve an unlimited number of client and project team members to promote collaboration and buy-in.
  • Speed up the research process and accelerate the time to market with powerful analytical tools.


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