Taste Tests

Graham & Associates is known as an excellent and dependable choice to conduct research that requires a test kitchen. Here, we've combined the old with the new - a new test-kitchen area with rock-solid experience that our staff brings to the table.

Test Kitchen

Our test kitchens can serve more than 300 people per day, with 35-40 participants in each session. There's plenty of workspace for our clients to prepare product. We have six ovens, six microwaves, and ample refrigeration on site. In fact, if we don't have what you need, we can work with you to adapt our kitchen (adding equipment) to meet your needs.

Experienced Staff

Graham for many years has been running large-scale taste tests with our experienced staff. We can thank our clients for helping us create outstanding test-kitchen facilities. We consulted with our clients and each client gave suggestions that Graham implemented to create the ideal taste test facility.

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